Recipe: Broccaslaw Spaghetti

Need a quick, nutritious, tasty dinner? Grab a bag of broccoli slaw,

a lean burger patty of your choice, along with some low carb spaghetti sauce and you have a quick and tasty dinner with plenty of veggies.
Having a patty instead of adding meat to the sauce, you can easily weigh and measure the meat to make sure you are getting the protein needed. My favorite sauce is the Hunts Garlic and Herb – it is cheap, $1 or so a can, as well as only 5g carbs for a ½ cup serving.

Poke a few holes in the bag of broccoli slaw and microwave for two and a half minutes. Ed and I split the bag of slaw, each have a burger, with the amount of sauce we each want. It is one of our favorite quick meals. Neither of us miss the pasta!