Recipe: Waffels


Who doesn’t love a good waffle? How about a low carb high protein waffle where after you eat it you feel great instead of ready for a nap? I love waffles, because I like the crispy edges, plus I love bread.

I make this two ways, onegluten or as my husband says, glutton free and one not. Choose Whichever fits your needs.

One of my favorite low carb products is CarbQuik. It is a low carb Bisquick substitute I have been using for years. 1/3 c is 90 calories, 2 net carb and 7g protein.

1/3 cup of Carbquik

1/2 cup cottage cheese

1/2 cup egg beaters


I have made this gluten free with coconut flour. I experimented for a while, and found wheat make me hungry, so depending I use coconut flour instead of Carbquik. The results are slightly different but still good, not as crisy, and I love crispy!

1/8 cup coconut flour

2/3 cup cottage cheese

2/3 cup egg beaters

My favorite coconut flour is the Nutiva coconut flour based on the nutritional value. It is higher in fiber and lower in carbs than the other brands.

Measure out your cottage cheese. I use a plastic measuring cup to mix and pour the recipe.  Then I dirty less dishes. Or you can use your scale to weigh the grams needed, for exact amounts. I have done it both ways.

The cottage cheese is thick and you can then pour the egg beaters on top of the cottage cheese and get a good measurement.

 I still measure the dry Carbquik or coconut flour with a measuring cup, or you can weigh. Mix the ingredients together and pour into a hot waffle iron.

Bake until golden brown. The recipe makes about 1 and ½ waffles on the big square 4 section iron.

I have used this recipe in a Belgian waffler and it works just fine. I prefer the thinner waffles. Please make sure you spray you waffle iron well!  I use a wooden shishkabob stick to help get the waffle out without destroying it! This recipe is husband approved, he loves these!  He continues to use regular lite syrup and also adds two eggs between his waffles.

I do not like syrup, so just eat them plain, with no eggs. I feel like these have enough protein without adding the eggs. Waldens farms does make a no nutritional value syrup. My father really likes these waffles with the Waldens farms syrup.

I have used it, and it is good!. They have 6 flavors of syrup – pancake, strawberry, blueberry, caramel and chocolate syrups

Let me know what you think.  We eat these virtually every weekend.