Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is not something you think about when creating an eating plan, but that is exactly what it is – periods of time when you are not eating combined with shorter periods of time when you are eating. It’s simple, healthy and effective. We’ve all heard that “not eating is super unhealthy”, but when was the last time you set the alarm to get you up at night to eat? Fasting is something we do every day.Our bodies were designed to perform during famines with increased focus and energy to allow us to find food. The food companies cannot make money if you are not eating, so they have fed us the lie that we need to eat constantly, which feeds their wallets and degrades our health! There are many hormones and processes the body experiences only when fasting that are super beneficial to our health, but we rarely experience in the “always eating” world we live in. If you have an interest, don’t take my word for it, do a bit of reading and decide to experience some health benefits as well as your clothes fitting a bit looser. 

A few great books on the subject are by Gin Stephens – DELAY, DON’T DENY and FEAST, FAST, REPEAT.  Dr Jason Fung goes into the science in THE OBESITY CODE.

Getting started is easy: extend your overnight fast skipping breakfast, and eat smaller portion, low carb for lunch, and a sensible protein and veggie dinner, then stop at a fixed time a few hours before sleeping. From there, extend it to include lunch time and open a “window of eating” of 3-4 hrs for dinner, and you will see and feel the results.